Black Creek Clinic

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37 Fountain Drive
Orange Park, FL 32065


Monday-Friday: 10 to 1pm… 2pm to 6pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Craig Price, Amy McGinness, Lindsey Diley, Kailey Sciardi, Ashley Spencer, Wyatt Price, Whitney Kapelka

Are you missing a Vaccination for your buddy?  Have any Health Concerns?  Forget to administer the monthly Parasite Prevention?

Having a fully functional veterinary clinic next door is the best!  The Moms and Dads love the convenience and security.   When it comes to our guests, we love the vet for the same reasons.  If ever there is a health concern that should come up we simply walk next door and have them take a look.  There’s no need for a dog to suffer in discomfort for more than a few minutes while here on a vacation.

They also teach our entire staff CPR and first aid and also how to recognize a lot of potential health problems.  Lives have actually been saved here by our well-trained staff working next to our Veterinarians and Techs.  It just wouldn’t be Poochie’s Park without our partners Black Creek Pet Clinic!

If you’re looking for a good pet clinic, we highly recommend you trying them out.  We know that you will agree that they are top notch.


For Friendly Dogs and the People Who Love Them.