Poochies 2023 Great Easter Bone Hunt and Park Party

Poochies 2023 Great Easter Bone Hunt and Park Party

It’s the Springtime Party that has everything dog-people want…

Poochie’s Great Easter-Bone Hunt and Park Party!

Saturday, April 1st from 10a to 2p.

Here’s how the hunting works: We have 3 hunt times, 11 am, 12 pm, and 1 pm. You and your friends come to the party in the dog park. About 15 minutes before the hunt time, you should begin to make your way down the festively decorated Nature Trail to the end where the entrance to The Field is. Put your poochies on a leash and follow the volunteers’ instructions on where to line up and wait for the start. The hunt begins when the “Easter Dinosaur” comes alive and the music begins to play.

The Rules: Humans (and family/friends) must remain leashed to their dogs at all times. Humans cannot pick up an egg until the dog’s nose touches it!  All ages are welcome.

The Goodies: To collect eggs, we’ll hand you a gift from our vets at Black Creek Pet Clinic! They have provided us with 150 custom canvas bags with their logo on them and something inside. There will be 500 eggs to find plus 10 Special Surprise Eggs with Valuable Poochie’s Prizes for the humans too! 

The Food and Entertainment: A live 5-piece band! X Factor will be on the park stage playing your favorite funk and R&B songs. And for Drinks and Sweets! Grab an adult drink from the bar or have an ice cream shake or a frappuccino from Sweet Delights food truck. Safe Animal Shelter will be serving the drinks at the bar and all drink proceeds will be donated to SAFE to help care for all the animals in their care!

*All Poochie’s Patrons are welcome! Regular visitor entry fees and dog requirements apply for non-members, please pay at the front office.

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