Your Dogs Vacation While Youre on Vacation

Exploring Nature Together

At Poochie’s Park, we are all about the outdoors. We believe dogs are too. Your son/daughter is going to love to spend their days exploring acres and acres of nature with friendly dogs from other families just like yours.

The fun here is special. On a Poochie’s vacation, your dog will enjoy sites and sounds like…. turtles peeking out from the pond, lizards hiding in the flowers, squirrels racing up the big oak trees and birds making their songs. Read the Daily Routine on this page to hear more about the adventures that await them!

The Daily Routine

All guests get a fun-filled 2.5 hours (or 5 30 min outings per day) of outside supervised play and nature exploration time included with each day of boarding!  It’s really our specialty here.  Dogs love routines, and from 7am to 7pm every day of the year, this is ours…

7am: the pack is awake and off to the play yards with the Poochie’s dog masters to soak in the morning Florida sunshine for about 20 to 30 minutes.

9am: breakfast is served inside their own large kennel stall or private room (your choice at booking).  Water bowls are emptied and refilled with fresh water.

10am to 5pm: our guests will befriend other guests that are just like them!  They are made into a “pack” according to their size, age, and play style.  A pack will remain together for the entire stay.  During their frequent outings to the yards with their new friends, they will enjoy activities such as squirrel hunting, swimming, fetching, basking in the sun OR under the big oak trees, lizard chasing, digging holes, long walks with lots of scratch and sniff, rolling in the sand; and some dogs will play inside the 2000 square foot air-conditioned turf building.

5pm: dinner

6pm to 7pm: final outing before bedtime.  Beds are laid down for each guest.  All are tucked in and tuckered out at 7pm.  Goodnight sweet pups!

Add More Fun with Lil’ Scouts Adventure Club

Created by the masterminds of Poochie’s Park to give the dogs (and their moms and dads) something special! Choose Lil’ Scouts Adventure Club for 30 minutes of a special enrichment activity with a Scout Leader in a small club of only 4 other dogs of their age and size. Or, when you select the 1 on 1 training you’ll get to pick a skill from our list and your dog will work on that skill for 30 minutes 1 on 1 with their Scout Leader.  With the session, Mom and Dad get a text/email each day with pics and a video starring their dog.

Lil’ Scouts Adventure Club

Happy & Healthy Dogs

We know it’s hard to leave them but try not to worry! Our Managers and Supervisor’s job is to make sure that every guest is Happy and Healthy from start to finish. It’s where they really shine and what they love about the job. When your family member is here for Camp, they are going to be slowly introduced to their new dog-friends of the same size, age and play style. They’ll always have a Poochie’s Dogmaster right by their side.

Veterinarians in the Building

Our veterinary friends next door work right alongside us and can handle any health care need. It’s so nice to have our Vet partners here. If anything comes up, big or small with your kid during their stay we’ll contact you right away and take care of them just as we would our own.

Features Inside the Kennel

• 1000 square feet of high-quality artificial turf with a padded bottom.
• Gigantic fan under the 25-foot ceiling for maximum circulation and a dry-breezy environment.
• Happy easy listening to music on the speakers!

• Air-Ventilation Exhaust System built into the air conditioner that refreshes all the air in each room 4 times a day by blowing old air out and new air in.
• Dehumidifiers to help keep the air dry, clean and comfortable.
• Concrete filled walls and metal roof, insulated with icenyne makes the building very cool in the summer, warm in the winter and very safe during storms.

• Essential Oil diffusers on all day every day using jasmine to bring a calm and relaxing feel to the guests.
• Gentle music during the day.
• Lockers for every guest to keep their personal belongings.
• Bedding included, treat times, turn down service every morning and night when your room is cleaned.

• Skylights and windows in every room.
• The floor is coated with a non-absorbing tough epoxy coating so that it’s easy for us to sanitize.
• 4 by 6 or 5 by 7 stalls for each guest; built with high-quality materials and continuously cleaned each day and fully sanitized with hospital grade cleaning solution in between guests.
• Stainless steel food bowls and water bowls are emptied and refilled with fresh water each morning.

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