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People that make it possible.

Humble Beginnings

Poochie’s Park is proudly family owned and operated by a local Clay County mom and pop since 2004.

Hello, Poochie’s Patron! Our names are Heather and David and we are the proud owners of Poochie’s Park ever since the dream began in 2004. We’ve both lived in Clay County since we were little kids. After high school and before Poochie’s, I (David) was a machine gunner in the Marine Corps and Heather was a bartender while studying interior design. We have 3 daughters that are growing up around all these dogs and they love it! Back in the good ol days, our firstborn had a crib in the “old building” right next to where all the dogs stayed-and it’s true, babies will sleep through anything.  Poochies is kinda like our 4th daughter and we are so proud of her too.  In 2013, after a lot of asking, we were able to get a BIG loan to buy the land and build the new and fancy facility of our dreams. Since then we’ve added another building that’s a really cool 2500 square foot indoor play area, expanded the fenced-in land, built a landing over the pond, and a bunch more!  And we still have a lot to come.

Poochies is great because of a lot of people that enjoy hard work with a love for dogs. Thank you to all of our staff then and now for everything that your hard work produced, and everything you endured to make the dogs safe and happy. Thank you to our loyal and friendly customers that have supported and encouraged us along the way. It is such an honor to care for and be the host of so many of God’s most amazing animals over the years.

We hope that you have a great time with your dog here. This place is made for all of us dog lovers and our best friends to enjoy together!


Taylor, Brooke and Cheyenne are our amazing Managers. You really couldn’t ask for better teammates and leaders than these three are together. They deserve a lot of credit for the amount of care and energy they put out every day to ensure the happiness of the dogs (the customers) AND their co-workers at Poochies. Though it’s true that part of their job is to play with the most amazing animals on earth every day,  the rest of their job can be tough and demanding.   All-day long they are running to where they are needed, which is usually everywhere. They go the extra mile in everything they do for the dogs and their parents and do a great job leading the team too.  We just can’t thank them enough. Thank you, Managers!

Kennel Supervisors

Kennel Supervisors are in charge of “the back”. That means they (with their Dog Master team) must always ensure that the dogs’ health and happiness come first. To accomplish that mission, they will know every dog’s name, how they play, how they eat, how they sleep, etc… At the start of every shift, they will gather their team of Dog Masters around to give a brief about who’s doing what and an overview of who the dogs are that are here. Kasara, Taylor T. and Cody are naturals when it comes to taking care of and loving dogs and they are natural leaders too. The Kennel Supervisor is a difficult but fun and rewarding job for these two that have such a passion for it.

Lead Receptionists

Kaley and Harley are in charge of “the front”.  This means, in addition to assisting the receptionist with daily tasks, they also ensure all customers, humans, and dogs alike feel welcome and taken care of. Kaley and Harley are the leading smiles in the lobby and they are always ready to help and give all the belly rubs!


Dog Masters

The backbone of Poochie’s. When you look out of the lounge windows and see these guys and girls walking with a pack of dogs around them you may think, “Hey!, that looks like my dream job!”.  Well, first of all, yes, it is your dream job.  But don’t be mistaken, it is not an easy one.   These people you see out there, these Dog Masters as Poochie’s has named them are hard-working, unique individuals with the hearts of saints and the patience of monks, true dog lovers of course. They are equipped with the special training and experience it takes to take charge and care for a “pack” of dogs. From 7 am to 7 pm, even on Christmas Day they are here.  Rain or shine, cold or heat; they are responsible for supervising playtime, feeding, watering, cleaning, and overall making sure every dog is having the best time possible. The reward for this hard work is the love and respect and smiling faces of the dogs they care for; and what is better than that?

Office Masters

On the front lines of business and the hardest job, I’ve ever had. These girls and guys have to be everywhere at the same time. Greeting the customers, answering phones, checking on the dog park, keeping everyone informed about the changing daily activities, making reservations for customers, relaying instructions from moms and dads or from the pet clinic, keeping the lobby clean, walking through the kennels for inspections, giving tours, selling dog park memberships, doing laundry and dishes, check-ins, checkouts, billing, helping with grooms and baths, running every dog and their property back and forth and a lot more but you get the point.   They do it all with great attitudes and smiles for everyone they come across. Office Masters (that’s another Poochie’s name) love to help dog moms and dads.  They are the first person that a new dog meets when they come to Poochie’s and that is a special honor to them.  One more special moment Office Masters love, when a mom or dad has that moment with their dog when they are reunited after a vacation.  It is magical… and you only get to see that on the front lines.


Fixing, building, landscaping and maintaining stuff behind the scenes, the mission is to make everything better for everybody that enjoys Poochie’s – both dogs and humans.  We often say around here, “leave it to a pack of dogs to destroy things that are in their way”.  Our maintenance duo keep things looking nice and working safely.


Most of us just see the finished product after the grooming is done, but how many of us know just how long this takes and the skill set that’s needed? I’m here to tell you, I have witnessed it first hand and it really takes a LOT of time and skill to get these dogs to the standards that our groomers are held to. We’ve got 5 of the best groomers in town with years of experience under each of their belts. See the Pet Spa page to learn about them.

Black Creek Veterinarians and Technicians

We are so lucky to have these guys here. The dogs and cats are too. They have really big hearts combined with education and experience. They are some of the best vets in Clay County proven from their other hospital in Middleburg since 1988. When we have a problem or question we walk next door and they drop everything and help us. They are the same way with their clients; they really go the extra mile. Just ask anyone who uses them as their pet’s vet and let THEM tell you how great they are.

Thank you Former Employees and Supporters

David and Heather would like to say a big thank you to all the people that have supported them and Poochie’s throughout the growing years and still today. That includes our family, friends, close customers and most of all those employees that served the dogs and people so well during their time here. All of you contributed to the success of Poochie’s in your own individual ways and all of you deserve a lot of credit for the success we have. Cheers!


For Friendly Dogs and the People Who Love Them.