Off Leash Dog Park

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The park experience is relaxing and fun for both you and your best friend. You’ll both enjoy spending quality outdoors time together while meeting new buddies on this gigantic dog playground.  There’s lots of trees, places to run, places to dig, a pond to swim in and a nature trail to explore!  The best part, there are friendly dogs like yours everywhere!   Being off the leash, in an open and fun atmosphere, dogs get to be dogs without all that tension of being on the leash or in their “own territory” like in the neighborhood.  And the dog loving people that you’ll find here are friendly too.  So what are you waiting for?  You found us; now come on over!

Steps for a Successful First Visit:

Step 1: It’s very important that you READ ALL THE RULES AND TIPS and requirements that we have for using the park. Click on the links on this page and study them well before you show up or you might not be able to get in and your dog will be upset!

Step 2:  What to pack? You only need to bring the paper from your vet that shows they are current on the vaccines we require.  You may also want to bring a towel in case your pooch wants to go swimming.

Step 3:  Park the car and you can bring your dog inside the main office with you to register. It takes about 5-10 minutes but once it’s done then you never have to do it again.  Your first time is going to be free so no money needed, unless you want some Grammie’s Homemade treats afterward?

Step 4:  We’ll give you a key fob and walk you to the entrance to show you how to get in.  That’s it!  Have a nice time.

By the way…..If you are feeling unsure about the whole–going into the off-leash dog park process–then we are here for you!  We totally understand and we’re happy to help when you arrive just let us know.



First Visit:


After 1st Visit:

$10 per visit*

*Fee is per household

3 dogs per handler.



Revolving Monthly: $30
1 Month: $35
3 Months: $90
6 Months: $175
Annual: $285

Gate Key Fob: $10*
*Max 2 keys per household


For Friendly Dogs and the People Who Love Them.