Day Camp

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Where dogs exercise, make friends and explore the great outdoors together.

Daily Rate
Full Day (More than 4 hours)
1st Dog$39
Each Additional Dog$30
Half Day (4 hours or Less)
1st Dog$27
Each Additional Dog$23
Pre-Paid Day Camp Passes
5 Day Pass
1  Dog$195
2 Dogs$345
3 Dogs$495

Day Camp Passes Expire in 1 Year

10 Day Pass
1 Dog$390
2 Dogs$690
3 Dogs$990

Day Camp Passes Expire in 1 Year

It’s a Spa Play Day!  You can add on a Full Day of Daycamp for just $27 when your total spent on grooming services equals $50.  The Play & Pamper package is very popular at Poochies.  Your pup gets to play with friends old and new, getting nice and dirty, and satisfyingly tuckered out before his massage and makeover.  They love it and you will love picking up a tired pup that looks and smells great too!

We want to prove to you and your pup how much Doggie Daycare will improve both of your lives and so your first time is on us!  You’ll go home with an official Report Card and a picture of a fun filled day.

Created by the masterminds of Poochie’s Park to give the dogs (and their moms and dads) something special!   Choose Lil Scouts Adventure Club for 30 minutes of a special enrichment activity with a Scout Leader in a small club of only 4 other dogs of their age and size.  Or, when you select 1on1 you’ll get to pick a skill from our list and your dog will work on that skill for 30 minutes 1on1 with their Scout Leader.  Mom and Dad get a text/email each day with pics and video starring their dog.  Click on the Lil Scouts tab for info.

Nap time/ Snack Time is between 12 and 1 for some dogs and from 1 and 2 for others.  Some dogs are just happy to sleep through it since they are still full from the breakfast they ate at home, but others are ready for a snack!  If you’d like to bring a snack or lunch for your dog then just drop it off at the front desk and they’ll make sure they get it.  Or, instead of bringing your own, you may wish to schedule your dog some of our Grammie’s Treats for $2.50. They are fresh, homemade treats with delicious wholesome ingredients.  Made by the owner’s Mom!

Throughout the year we host a fun party for our regular Daycampers.  We’ve had a Howl-o-ween costume party, Blue New Moon party, Spirit Week, School’s Out Party, Jingle Ball, Senior Dog Day, and many others!  The dog friends love it and you always get a keepsake to take home.  Please make sure you join us on the next one!  Just check the News page to see what’s coming soon.

Every month we honor one of our socialized and well behaved Daycamp regulars with the Daycamp Dog of the Month Award.  To decide the winner, the Dogmasters all get to vote from the list of qualifiers.  To qualify, just come to Daycamp twice a week (or 8 times in a month).  The winner gets an awesomely printed Certificate of Achievement and also a free day of daycamp!

So what if their kid is an honor student, YOUR DOG is the Dog of the Month at Poochie’s Park!



It’s kind of like dropping a human kid off for daycare.  Except this kid’s tail is wagging uncontrollably as you pull up to the front doors. When you get out of the car, she practically pushes you out of the way and drags you inside.  Our office staff is just as happy to see you as you easily hand them the leash and you’re off to start your day!

Next, your happy pup trots out to the play yards where their friends are eagerly waiting!   The rest of the day will be filled with swimming, squirrel chasing, playing tag, wrestling, sprinting, ball fetching, stick chewing, hole digging, and for some just laying around in the sun or shade and enjoying the fresh air.

Outside Time and Inside Time

PlayTime:  During the day the day camp dogs are out as much as we can safely have them out (without overexerting).  They’ll have inside breaks after every 20 to 45 minutes of outside play (break time-frequency depends on how hot and humid it is outside).  Outside are the biggest play yards you’ve ever seen.  Dogs have the freedom to spread out and roam under the giant oak trees.  One yard even has a huge pond for swimming and chasing turtles.  On days that the rain is too heavy, we can take the pack into the 2000 square foot air-conditioned artificial turf playroom (this room is also where dogs that have trouble breathing/cooling off will sometimes play on hot days).

People Time:  Inside our beautiful 10,000 square foot indoor facility there is also a pet spa and veterinary clinic (that’s so nice to have right next door just in case).   When your dog is inside they are not alone; Poochie’s has one of the highest staff to dog ratios at 1 person on site for every 8 to 12 dogs on the campus.  We know our campers by name.  Whether they are inside or outside, we are spending lots of time with them all day long from when you drop them off to when you pick up.


For Friendly Dogs and the People Who Love Them.