Dog Park Improvements

Dog Park Improvements

Come and see our Dog Park Improvements

Here’s an update on what’s been completed this past month. We’ve got lots more in progress too!

The Park Pavillion/Band Stage is done! Finally, we can take down the barriers and you’re all welcome to enjoy it.

New privacy wall around the Member’s Entrance. Nice work Jamie!

New Trex Boards to top the Bathing Table. Nice work Jamie!

New Trash Can Containers and new all aluminum cans with handles. Nice work Jamie!

Over a hundred feet of Bamboo to complete our bamboo tunnel! The idea is, once it’s grown and up on both sides, you and your dog will walk through the “mist’-icle Asian forest at the beginning of the trail.

Two loads of Sandy Dirt were delivered. Currently, it’s piled up next to the pond and the dogs love it. In a couple of weeks, we will spread it around and pile the rest onto the tunnel mountain.

So that’s all for this past month besides some repairs here and there. We have lots more projects on the list with some already underway. If you have an idea for a park improvement, we’d love to hear it!

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