March 2024 Employee and DayCamp Doggie

March 2024 Employee and DayCamp Doggie

Congratulations Sin Jin!

Sin Jin is one of our unique huskies who comes to visit us at Poochies Park. He’s been coming to Poochie’s for many years! He brings us joy as soon as he comes running through those lobby doors just a howling and barking! He is always excited to see us, and we are so thrilled when he comes for daycamp. You can see him getting loved on by a dog master out in the yards or he is basking in the sun enjoying the weather! He enjoys his time here with us!

How did he win? When a camper comes to DayCamp 4x in a month they are added to a list that the staff gets to vote on!

What did he win? Sin Jin won a Free Day of DayCamp!

Next up, Congratulations to the employee of the month, Hector!

Hector came to Poochie’s looking for a job about 4 months ago. He is active duty in the Navy you see, and wanted to spend his afternoons feeling the joy that comes from being around dogs. We made him a dogmaster and figured he’d like it and the dogs would like him. Turns out, he is awesome with the dogs. He takes time to know each of them and takes them for “pack runs too”. They love him! His coworkers love him too. He’s funny, helpful, and hardworking. Yeah, everything was great until David noticed him being handy, smart, and skilled, and his knowledge of machines and construction, and how many tools he owns. David stole Hector from the kennel team and put him on the maintenance team! In the end, a compromise was made, Hector is now an excellent member of both the maintenance team AND the kennel team. Thanks for all of it, Hector!

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