Adopt Us

Adopt Us

We are very happy to introduce our new adoptable dogs. What fantastic dogs they are!  If you are looking to adding to your family, do not hesitate to call us and arrange a meet and greet session with them.

Jolene has been at the shelter for some time, she wasn’t given the best lease on life before she ended up at the shelter due to severe neglect. She was nursed back to health, and she has been a favorite from then on.  She is very affectionate, great on a leash and good with doggie friends. She is housetrained and knows basic commands. Even though she is the size of a house hippo (short and stocky) she still enjoys slow walks, good food and a plush bed to nap on. Who can resist her infectious smile?

Tucker is a very handsome and young boy. He is very affectionate and will bond with you quickly, he is crate trained, housetrained, good on a leash and loves kids and other dogs. Although he is young and playful, he is mildly energetic and laid back. He will make a perfect pet for any family. He will seek your attention and make you love him. This adorable boy will steal your heart as soon as you meet him.

Goldie is a very friendly boy certainly knows how to work the room with that big grin. If you are looking for the perfect companion, Goldie is your man! He is an energetic, happy pup who would love a fenced home where he can play his favorite game of fetch and exercise. He adores people (big and small) and other dogs. He’s a very affectionate young chap who’s eager to take on all life has to offer.

P.S. Please know that the shelter requires a meet and greet with all members of the household, including kids and current dogs.

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