April Empployee and Daycamp Doggie of the Month

April Empployee and Daycamp Doggie of the Month

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month!

Congratulations to Max!

Max has been coming to daycamp for a little over a year now but instantly won our hearts with that pittie smile! His wiggly cuddles and jumps for joy are just the highlights of our days with him!

How did he win? When a camper comes to DayCamp 4x in a month they are added to a list that the staff gets to vote on!

What did he win? Max won a Free Day of DayCamp!

Next up, Congratulations to the employee of the month, Harley!

Harley has been a beacon of light and friendliness in our front office for two years now! Her love for the dogs shows most when she gets to connect with our pet parents and tell them about their day and she’s always down for a quick snuggle with the pups. Harley also helps the Poochie’s team wherever she can and she does it with a can-do attitude! Thank you for all that you do Harley!