Celebrating Mothers

Celebrating Mothers

Attention all dog moms and their furry companions! At Poochie’s Park, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with all dog loving Moms in mind. On May 14th, there are two options…

For the day and overnight campers, the “Mother Nose Best” Lil’ Scout’s Party!

For the Dog Park patrons, Free Entry for all Moms and some Mother’s Day music!

Lil’ Scouts Party: For just $15 added to daycamp/boarding, the campers will be making Mom a special craft that’s sure to put a smile on her face. Mom gets a video of their dog sent via text or email on Mother’s Day, the craft to take home on pick-up day, and as an added bonus, the pups get an extra 30-minute playtime!

Dog Park Mother’s Day Celebration: Free entry for Moms with lovely Mother’s Day-themed music! When you come to the office just let them know you’re here for Mother’s Day and your daypass is free! (“Dog Moms” free too)

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