Dog Areas at the Park

Dog Areas at the Park

Big Dogs not allowed in the Small Dog Area? Small Dogs allowed everywhere?

The answers to your questions about this dog park dilemma…There is no “Big Dog Only” area but there is a “Small Dog Only” area. Small dogs are welcome in all areas of the park but big dogs are NOT allowed in the small dog only part of the park.

Here’s the rule:

Small dogs ARE allowed in all areas of the park BUT… it is up to their owners to use caution and best judgement on whether or not the timing is right.

Here’s some guidance:

*If your small dog aggressively charges and challenges big dogs then it’s not a good idea. Aggressive behavior should not be allowed and they’ll start a fight that they may get hurt from.
*Or, if your small dog freaks out when approached by big dogs and runs and screams then it’s not a good idea. The screaming and running away is a trigger for ANY dog to chase and grab.
*Or, if there a number of big rowdy dogs running and jumping and frolicking without care of who gets stepped on then it’s not a good idea to let your little guy jump into that play session, they could get hurt and scream causing everybody around to panic.
*It’s also not a good idea to hold a small dog around big dogs. The sight and energy coming from your dog in that position makes it irresistible for a big dog and they’ll jump up on you. And you shouldn’t blame them.


What if my big dog is attracted to small dogs and she won’t leave them alone or she tends to chase them?  Both owners, of the big dog and the small dog, need to have their dogs stop the unwanted behavior.  If they can’t, then BOTH owners need to leash their dogs and move to different areas of the park. It is not the fault of the small dog for being there and it is also not the fault of the big dog for being a dog. It’s up to the humans from both parties to resolve the issue by moving away.

*If your big dog is aggressively triggered by the sight or behavior of a small dog and they don’t listen to you then you SHOULD NOT bring them to a dog park.

Big dogs are NOT allowed in the small dog area, one exception…

We cannot allow big dogs in the small dog area. This is the small dog’s safe space where they are free to run without fear. This area is also built and maintained for small dogs only. The grass can be a little less trampled under smaller feet, the pool less sandy, smaller holes, smaller poops, etc… Even if there are no other dogs there– Big Dogs, I’m sorry, but you must stay out, the area is ready and waiting for only small dogs and their people. There is only one exception: When there is a big dog and a small dog in the same family.  In that case the big dog of the family MUST STAY ON THE LEASH while he/she is in the area with their sibling.

We hope this helps everyone enjoy the park! Thanks for reading.

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