Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Congrats to our friend Bandit and our fantastic employee Melanie for winning February’s Monthly shout-outs!

Bandit was voted February’s DayCare Dog of the Month!  He always walks into the lobby with the biggest open-mouth smile and cutest wiggle butt!  In playgroups, you can count on him stretching his fun-sized legs up to the dog masters for all of the pets and attention.  And in Lil’ Scouts, you see him as one of our top students for obedience training!  We all love Bandit so much, and his pawsome spirit brightens everyone’s day! Congratulations, Bandit!

Melanie was voted Employee of the Month for February! She is an all-star receptionist here at Poochies!  We adore her love for the pups and her warm welcoming smile!  She cares about her relationship with our clients, and ensuring their pups are exceptionally cared for!  You can always find her snacking on some cajun-boiled peanuts too!  Thank you so much Melanie for being a loyal member of the Poochies Family, and congratulations!

Come to daycare four or more times a month and your pooch could possibly win Dog of the Month: bragging rights and a $35 gift card to Poochie’s Park!

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