Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Say hello to this month’s Employee of the Month, Virginia! And our Daycare Doggie of the Month, Dyce!

Virginia has been on our leadership team and making a difference every day for years now. She was voted for the very fitting theme of “Who Marched the team to Victory this past March”, and it is no surprise that she won! She cares so much for the doggies, their owners, and the employees. We are lucky to have her! Congrats on the Employee of the Month title!

And Dyce, congrats for winning Daycare Dog of the Month! Dyce has recently joined our regular daycare dog family and we are so happy to have this silly boy in our lives! He is so sweet and loves to run and play with all of his friends. He has so much fun here and his big smile and happy wagging tail makes us happy too!

Dyce won a credit to Poochie’s Park of $35 and, or course, the prize of bragging rights! Bring your pooch to daycare 4 or more times to daycare in a month and they could be voted as winner too!

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