Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

||Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Congrats to Haley and Rudy!!

Rudy, you are such a cutie. We are always happy to have you here and your sweet and gentle personality always warms out hearts. You deserve all of the pets in the world and we are so so glad to have you in our regular daycare doggie family! Congrats to being Dog of the Month Rudy!!

Haley, you were voted on by your piers for showing awesome leadership skills! We are so proud to have you and know that you will go far. You truly care about each and every dog that comes in, you have great work ethic, and motivate others to work harder too! Thanks for everything, congrats on your recent move to Kennel Tech Supervisor, and congrats of being this month’s Employee of the Month!

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