Employee and Daycare Doggie of the Month

Employee and Daycare Doggie of the Month

Congrats to Remmi and Kerry for winning this month’s titles!

Kerry, our Employee of the Month, is one of our Receptionist Leads and she was voted on by her coworkers this month for helping unite the team during busy times! We are so appreciative of her work, her positive attitude, and her caring heart. We know that she always has the dogs, their families, and our staff’s best interest in mind and we are very happy to have her on the team and helping lead it. Great job Kerry!

Remmi, the adorable Rottie, recently became one of our regular daycare pups and we are so happy to name her this month’s Dog of the Month! She started off coming to Poochie’s in need of our One on One Socialization training and quickly opened up and became such a good friend to our pups and staff! She is so sweet and silly and we were so proud to watch her open up to be a happy, playful, and affectionate daycare doggie!

How to win? Bring your pooch to daycare 4 or more times in a month to be added to our list of dogs that then get voted for by our staff!

What she won? Remmi won bragging rights, a certificate, and a $35 gift credit towards Poochie’s!


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