Employee and Dog of the Month

Employee and Dog of the Month

Congrats to our friends Kasara and Bleu!

Kasara, thank you for always keeping a smile on your coworker’s faces. You are a great employee, leader, teacher, and friend! And the dogs LOVE you! Thank you for your dedicated years of work here on the Poochie’s Team.

And, Bleu, it has been our pleasure watching you open up so so much since your first daycare visit with us. You have grown a lot and we are happy to have you in our family! Thanks for being the sweet, gentle giant, goof ball that we love and know so well! Enjoy your title as Dog of the Month and a $35 gift certificate to Poochie’s Park!

How did Bleu win? He was voted for by our staff from a list of daycare dogs. Your dog can be entered in a chance to win Daycare Doggie of the Month simply by coming to daycare four times or more in one month. See you soon!

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