Employee and Dog of the Month

Employee and Dog of the Month

Congrats to our friends Madison and Simba for winning this November’s Employee and Dog of the Month!

Madison, our Employee of the Month was voted as this month’s winner for her spirited and friendly personality! She is one of our most experienced Dog Masters (the hard-working employees that spend the most time with the dogs) and her love for dogs and this job spreads smiles everywhere! She is a caring and careful leader to these doggies and we are happy to name her as the winner. We think it is absolutely perfect that she and Simba won in the same month because Madison is also a huge Disney fan! How perfect!

Simba, our adorable and smiley Daycare Dog of the Month was voted on by our staff and we are very happy to say he won! He is such a sweet, silly, smiley, goofball and we love how happy he gets when he drops off for daycare! He is one of those special little Aussies that literally smiles! It is so cute and starts off the day just right. Congrats to this kiddo!

How does your pup win Daycare Dog of the Month?

Bring them to daycare 4 or more times in a month and they will be added to a list for our staff to vote on. And the winner gets a credit to Poochie’s Park for $35!

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