Employee and Dog of the Month

Employee and Dog of the Month

Congrats to Kerry and Coco!

Kerry, our Employee of the Month, was voted our winner for being the most enthusiastic member of the team! She is such a hard worker and enjoys her job, which shows in her attention to detail and her quality of care for the doggies and the clients. Her positivity helps the team stay motivated and we are proud to name her this month’s Employee of the Month!

And congrats to Coco, our Daycare Dog of the Month! She is such an adorable, happy little pup and she always makes us smile! Thanks for being our friend Coco, congrats to the title and the $35 credit you get for being voted Daycare Dog of the Month by our staff!

Bring your pooch to daycare 4 or more times in a month and they could win too!


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