Employee of the Month & Daycare Dog of the Month

Employee of the Month & Daycare Dog of the Month

Our Dog of the Month for September is Sophie!

Sophie has been coming for daycare for over 5 years and is a huge part of the Poochies family. When she is here, you can find her sunbathing in the yards or getting pets from the staff. She is basically an employee herself. She attends our weekly meetings to ensure she is up to date on all the important info! We are sure to pay her in yummy treats for all of her hard work. She also wins a certificate to proudly display above the mantel or on the fridge and a free day of daycamp!

*The staff votes for DOTM. To qualify for next month’s voting just attend daycamp 4x in the same month.

Our Employee of the Month is Kasey!

Kasey is one of our lovely receptionists who always greets everyone with a warm welcome and pays attention to the little details to ensure the front of the house is running smoothly. She is always willing to help her fellow employees, the dogs, and our customers no matter what (even when she was in a boot cast for 2 months) and has the magic touch with dogs! Thank you Kasey for always being someone we can count on!

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