Furricane Season Grooming Special

Furricane Season Grooming Special

If you have a dog that sheds (which you probably do), then welcome to Furricane Season! Let us help you with a grooming discount! Desheds are $5 off every mid-weekday during Furriane Season.

Desheds include all of the following pampering spa features: A messaging bath with shampoo and conditioner, blow dry to fluff the hair and begin the shedding process, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and after your pooch is completely dry we dedicate time to brushing them until they are shed-free! And of course a bandanna to send them off with love. You are encouraged to also let your dog play in daycare before their spa day to make it a perfect day!

Furricane season starts now through Oct. 20th every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the week.

This awesome pile of hair pictured is a small portion of all of the hair we got off a sweet girl named Josie- amazing right!?

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