Hurricane Plans and Tip Sharing

Hurricane Plans and Tip Sharing

Hi everybody! It’s David (the owner, with Heather) I wanted to send you an email about TWO important things that you should hear about straight from me.

The Hurricane

First and most important, the hurricane.   We hope that this storm doesn’t bring any major problems to Poochie’s (or to any of you all) but if it does we are prepared for it.  For those of you whose dogs will be staying with us through the storm, I want you to know that you have my word we will be here for them and never leave them no matter what.  Our motto at Poochie’s is very simple, “Dog’s First”.  And this applies through any kind of weather, you can count on our staff as well as on me to take care of them.  We’ll stay by them and comfort them day and night.

Our Building:   is made of filled, reinforced concrete block and the metal roof has an undercoating that makes it twice as strong and also keeps it fairly cool even when the power is out.  If we lose power, our generators are ready to circulate the air with a ton a fans, yea!  The last hurricane it never got hotter than about 78 degrees in here.  We sit on top of a hill so that we are well above any chance of flooding.  We have city water AND free-flowing well water so we’re covered there too.  It’s really a great place to be safe during these times.

Advice for folks dropping off this weekend:  We operate from a cell phone so if the towers are working you can text or email for updates. You can always call as well but if the phone lines are flooded it is best to text. We recommend bringing extra food or meds if your pet has a specific diet or illness since there may be delays in getting back to us. We have Science Diet here if needed for any pup. If your pet has severe storm anxiety please remember their meds. We have Black Creek Veterinary hospital here and on call at all times. Make sure to leave us numbers of emergency contacts outside of the area as well in case your phone is unable to be reached.

So here we go again!  At least we’ve done this a few times before, and thanks to forecasts we will all have plenty of notice.   Best of luck to you all and safe wishes and prayers for your loved ones.  Let’s all help our brothers and sisters (both human and dog) in our neighborhoods whenever and wherever we see they need it next week.

It’s been 15 Years! and, we now Share Tips

15 Years Old!  On to something more light-hearted now…  last night we had our quarterly meeting and informed the staff that this year makes 15 years for Heather and I owning Poochie’s Park!  We made a little slide show to show them all “the early days” how it all started.  We saw a lot of our old dog friends in the pictures with the old building.  Some of those dogs are still here with us even today!  It was really cool to think about how far we’ve come, and inspiring for the staff.  It just would not have been possible without the support from you all, our Poochie’s Patrons.  Have we said thank you lately?  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our business and allowing us to share your wonderful dog’s lives.   Guess what?  We have a bunch of major plans for the park and other areas that we are trying to accomplish this year!  And, you’re all invited to a 15-year party coming this Fall.  Stay tuned to the news page on our website where Megan (one of the managers) will keep us posted.

Now Accepting and Sharing Tips.  We have never asked anyone to tip and never would ever expect one.  We all feel that just you being a nice customer is all any of the staff could ever need to have a great day and enjoy their work even more, honestly.

But….now, if you would in fact like to tip the staff, and it is really appreciated if you do, you can do it!  Starting today 8/29 we have a new system that will split all tips each week and distribute them evenly and equally to the entire staff based on how many hours they worked that week.   Again, tips are never expected, please don’t feel any pressure to do it when the credit card machine prompts for it.   But if you do know that the staff is really appreciative of it and very thankful to get it.

Thanks for reading!   Best of luck to you all.

David and Heather Kophamer

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