January 2024 Employee and Daycamp Doggie

January 2024 Employee and Daycamp Doggie

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month!

Congratulations Wyatt!

Wyatt is a sweet little man who comes to hang out with us here at Poochies Park! He has his cute little spins that he likes to show off and he has tons of energy! Very sweet and loves to get attention, he’s made quite a bit of friends here and we always look forward to seeing what kind of energy and experience he brings with him at day camp.

How did he win? When a camper comes to DayCamp 4x in a month they are added to a list that the staff gets to vote on!

What did he win? Wyatt won a Free Day of DayCamp!

Next up, Congratulations to the employee of the month, Kasara!

Kasara has worked here for quite some time now and has brought so much fun, ideas, and innovation to our Lil’ Scouts program. She is a phenomenal dog trainer, and we appreciate everything she brings to the team! She isn’t limited to just Lil’ Scouts either! She wears many hats when we need them, including Kennel Tech, Dog-Master, Bather, KT Supervisor, and always Comedian!  She brings a great attitude to work and shows so much love for all the dogs!

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