Lil Scouts One on One Training

Lil Scouts One on One Training

Need help teaching your dog new skills? Try Lil Scout’s 1on1! A 30-minute training session with only the Scout Leader and your dog learning a special skill or behavior. ($28 extra with Boarding/DayCamp) You also get some homework and a video of the session showing your dog learning the skill! Click here to learn all the training offerings.

Click here to see Pluto’s “Socialization” training video.

Socialization Training is a Poochie’s Specialty Skill. A well-socialized and exercised dog makes for a well-rounded citizen that’s cool and comfortable in almost any situation.  When you see your dog first experience the joy of having dog friends, you’ll see why it’s been our passion since 2004. Here we present to you one of our current students, Pluto.

Pluto is timid and nervous around other dogs and new people. His owner signed him up for Socialization training with the goal of having Pluto be more comfortable and confident around pup friends.  Please watch the video and you will see his progress. Pluto started nervous and insecure, he followed and stayed close to the Scout Leader. He was placed with a small group of calm dogs first and as he realized that the other dogs were nice and friendly, he felt more comfortable and even introduced himself to other dogs. It was then time to step it up a bit and the Scout Leader moved Pluto to a larger group. You can notice that as Pluto felt more confident and at ease, he started to introduce himself to several other dogs and explore the yard away from the Scout Leader.  Pluto even made a great friend during his training, Drew, and now they are besties. 

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