Lil Scouts One on One Training, Leave It

Lil Scouts One on One Training, Leave It

Why is the ‘leave it’ command important? the “leave it” command is so crucial because it teaches your dog both restraint and redirection and teaches him/her to ignore or not engage with something he/she shouldn’t. These things are really useful when it comes to keeping your dog away from distractions (especially ones that can be potentially dangerous, like dropped chocolate, small clothing like socks or strange animals).

‘Leave it’ is a core cue within training that helps redirect you dog, teaching him/her to ignore those surrounding distractions and to pay attention to you.

Check Gator’s ‘Leave It’ training, he got it in just 2 sessions!

Gator_Leave it_Session 1

Gator_Leave It_Session 2

Ask us about our Lil’Scouts One on One training program, we will love to help you and your pup master new important skills for just $28.00 added on to a boarding or daycare reservation.

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