March Adoption Corner

March Adoption Corner

Meet Xavier and June Bug, two adorable pups from Safe Animal Shelter vacationing with us and eagerly searching for their forever homes!

Xavier is a charming one-year-old American Pit Bull that gets along famously with other dogs. Loves attention from people too. He’s a bit possessive and protective of his toys but we’re working on that with him. To his lucky adopter, Xavier promises his endless love, loyalty, and many fun-filled adventures.

June Bug is a lively 1 year old mixed breed. She radiates energy and enthusiasm. She’s a playful pup who delights in the company of dogs and adores children. Unfortunately, June Bug has a penchant for adventure and has been known to climb/jump over fences. She doesn’t jump them to escape or run away, she just sometimes wants to be on the other side of a fence. Besides that, she is incredibly sweet and a bit shy, but she thrives on affection and attention.

They also come with a 3-month park membership!

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