May Employee and Daycamp Dog of the Month

May Employee and Daycamp Dog of the Month

Let’s give a big round of applause for Megan and Chula,

our winners for May Employee of the Month and Daycare Dog of the Month!

Starting with our May Employee of the Month, we are thrilled to recognize Megan for her outstanding commitment to Poochies. With over a year of service under her belt, Megan consistently arrives on time and is always eager to care for the pups and their humans. Even in stressful situations, Megan handles everything with grace, humor, and a pro attitude that motivates her teammates. We truly appreciate Megan’s exceptional care and dedication to Poochies. Besides winning EOTM, she was also recently accepted into the hospital’s radiology program! She’ll be headed there at the end of the Summer. We are so proud of her.

Next up, we are delighted to crown Chula as our May Daycare Dog of the Month! Chula is a sweet and energetic shepherd who loves to run and play with her furry pals. Her playful nature and contagious energy always brighten up the yard, and her loyalty to her favorite humans is heartwarming. Chula’s unique personality and adorable antics have won our hearts, and we are thrilled to honor her as our Daycare Dog of the Month.

Once again, congratulations to Megan and Chula for their outstanding achievements!

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