NEW Small Dog Park Rules

NEW Small Dog Park Rules

Calling all small dogs… 

We’ve made some new rules to the Small Dog Park and now it’s all yours. The previous rule was that as long as a big dog was friendly with small dogs then it was okay for them to be in that area.  Well, what we found was that even though the big dog might not intend to hurt a small dog, the presence of the big dog or group of big dogs is enough to make many small dogs afraid to play. We want the small dogs to play! We would like to see more small dogs at the park. We’ve put some signs up and are asking all park-goers to abide by them. There is now a posted height limit on entering the small dog park. I know many big dogs that are going to be upset about this. We are sorry about that but I’m sure you can understand the reasoning and you will love to see the small dogs going wild in there too. So, if you know of some small dogs that are friendly and looking to make friends with other small dogs then please come to enjoy your own half of the park!     

FAQ:  Can a small dog come into the other sections of the park? 

Yes, but the small dog must do so at their own risk. Many small dogs are so full of confidence that they love to play with big dogs and have no trouble being around them. If you have a confident small dog, then it’s still a good idea to ask the other big dog owners if their dog is okay with small dogs first before you enter.  Almost all of them are at Poochie’s

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