Park Improvement Updates

Park Improvement Updates

The nature trail just got some new chain link fencing by the parking lot/back entrance. The “Doghouse patios” also got new vinyl fencing. The maintenance department is looking pretty sharp now with our new storage building and fancy fencing around it. Here’s some stuff that’s coming up next: 

1. The stage/pavillion needs a radical looking pitched roof and some furniture and then we plan to open it for all park goers to use. We are just waiting on a really large piece of timber for the roof beam.

2. The parking lot and “back” park entrance is in the early stages of a big makeover. Next up, the new chain link fence will get a mixture of types of vines planted along it and the hedges will move somewhere else.

3. The beginning of the nature trail will become a bamboo forest that you will walk through as you begin your hike!  Maybe some other Asian garden plants can be mixed in too. 

And that’s the latest from the park improvements department where we never stop! Thank you for your help and patience when things aren’t finished.

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