Poochie’s COVID19 Plan

Poochie’s COVID19 Plan

APRIL 2, 2020

Hello again Poochie’s Patrons,

Tough times, tough times. We hope that all of you and yours are safe and healthy. Our thoughts and prayers are for everyone that is suffering financially or physically.  

Here is an update about our business in regard to the next 30 days of the stay at home order and shut down of non-essential businesses effective until May 1st.


DayCamp, Boarding & Grooming*

(*grooming okay when it’s attached to those services)


The Veterinary Clinic

Poochie’s is considered an Essential Business (listed as Pet Boarding on the executive order, which includes day boarding or night boarding) and that’s good because we are staying open all day every day here and ALL of our dedicated employees would love some dogs to play with!    

And for our customers that feel like dog daycare/boarding is just as essential as going to the hardware store… don’t worry the executive order states “Taking care of Pets” under the “Essential Activities” that folks can still do safely. So rest assured you are not breaking any laws.  

The most important thing is the safety of everyone in our community. This is why when you bring your pal here we will be waiting at the front door, sanitizer in hand. You do not need to even get out of your car! It’s so easy and you’ll love the convenience and safety of it

 The Dog Park


until May 1st

We are so sorry to all of our park goers. It is going to be ruff ruff on our dogs, and on us.

– For Park Members that prepaid for memberships, we will be adding 30 days to your current expiration date.

– For Park Members that are set up for revolving auto charge monthly membership, please send us an email or text if you would like a refund for this month. (We aren’t able to do it automatically without canceling your membership altogether and then you’d have to sign up all over again. So please just send a text or email to us if you’d like a refund.)

– Alternative to a refund, you can use your monthly charge as a credit here for daycare or boarding as long as you use it within the next 30 days.

Just let us know how we can help you. We are going to miss seeing you in the park. Please remember that we are here should you need any of our other services. And thank you again for being Poochie Patrons.

Curbside Service for all transactions is a smashing success!  

Now that we’ve had some practice, we have enhanced our curbside service into a fabulous experience. 

You and your dogs will feel like movie stars as you pull up to the doors or park in a designated spot at this elite country club for the worlds finest creatures and the people that love them.

We are also extremely safe sanitizing before and after every customer.  Come and try it out with your daycare, grooming or boarding needs this month!

MARCH 19, 2020

Hello  Poochie’s Patrons,

This is David the owner here.  The most excellent staff in the world and I have come up with some plans to SAFELY STAY OPEN FOR BUSINESS and HELP OUR COMMUNITY throughout this period of time that we are all struggling with the impacts of Covid -19.   We are extremely grateful to our customers that we’ve earned over the last 15 years of quality service.  We could not do what we aim to do for the dogs and their loving people without your support so again, thank you so much!  We are planning on keeping all of these programs in effect until MAY 1st. Okay here’s what we’ve come up with….

Curbside Drop off & Pick up

I think I just heard some of our customers say Hallelujah! We’ve been planning and talking about adding this for about a year now. It’s here! Hopefully, this will not only allow us to keep the lobby even cleaner by reducing the traffic but will also enhance the doggie daycare experience for you and for our staff.

–Steps to follow for drop off and Pick up: We now have parking spots with signs that say Curbside Drop Off and Pick Up. Follow the signs to park your car in one of the spots. Any of our most excellent (and handsome) staff members may already be waiting for you by the curb. If they aren’t out there, just text the number that’s on the parking sign and say, “HERE”. (note: you have to type only the word HERE or it might take longer to pop up on our end) Easy! For payment, ideally, we have your card on file, but if not we will have a mobile card processor to use.

*Customers are definitely still welcome to come inside if preferred. We are cleaning surfaces continuously here. The curbside feature is an alternative to coming in.

Shelter Dog Foster Program

You may already know that we always have an adoptable dog from the shelter that we foster here at Poochie’s. We currently have 3 extra! Safe Animal Shelter had to temporarily close the shelter recently so we volunteered because SAFE is loved by Poochie’s.  And these dogs are so good for us here, just look at them! If you are looking for another dog to love forever then just come and meet these cool dogs that are looking for you too.

10% Off for Covid-19 Humanitarian Aid Responders

This includes all healthcare workers, police officers, firemen, paramedics, and activated National Guard (If I missed any professions please let me know).  If any of our patrons are serving on the front lines we want to know about it.  And we’d like to help you out by treating your pup extra special when you need us for boarding and daycare.

FREE Dog Park Entry for our patrons who are temporarily unemployed

Every Tuesday through Thursday from 10 to 4. No charge for folks that are currently without a paycheck. Just tell the front desk when you come that you’re here for a free visit, it will be our pleasure to have you spend a great day in the park! Just first please check to make sure your dog is dog friendly, spayed/neutered (if older than 9 months),  vaccinated, etc., etc… click here for the requirements page.  And, remember to follow our Sanitary Safety guidelines listed below.

Poochie’s Dog/Cat Food Donation Neighborhood Collection Program

If you’re able to donate some dog food for us to pass on to needy families then please drop it off here. We are going to give you $5 off that you can use for daycamp or the dog park. If you are in need of some dog food, just let us know how much you need and we will get it for you. *RULES for the $5 credit: One $5 credit given per month, Minimum donation of 15lbs (that’s the combined total weight of dry/wet food).

Sanitary Safety Guidelines for Dog Park Visits: 

Still fun in the sun “for dogs and the people who love them”!  I think the Dog Park is a great option to safely have a good time without endangering others if we all take some easy steps.  And of course, we would really appreciate your business throughout this difficult time.   Here are some safety tips that we thought of and would like to share with you.

  • We’ve posted the guidelines from the CDC in various locations around the property, please take a minute and read them and follow them!
  • Keep 6 feet away from others.
  • Bring soap or sanitizer with you so you can use the water stations to frequently wash your hands especially after using the furniture or touching the gate latches or other dogs.
  • Do not touch your face until you wash your hands.
  • If you are feeling ill or are vulnerable to this virus or come in contact with someone who is, please stay home for now.

We hope these measures will help slow the spread down so that our health care industries will have more time to prepare.

Well if you’ve read this far then why not keep reading!  Lol…

I’ve just been really wanting to tell everyone about a lot of new things that we have been building and improving! You will all get to have a tour and see it in person eventually when the coast is clear. The dogs are going to love it!  In a milk bone, we’ve been doing a lot of construction… We’ve completely remodeled the camp’s outdoor play areas and added some neat things for the dogs! It’s still in progress but we will be finished with it pretty soon and it’s going to be awesome. This is a picture of just one of the projects we have underway. It’s going to be called “The Courtyard” and that circle there is a huge fountain-splash pad!

And there’s more exciting news. You will be hearing soon about a new program that will enhance the Poochie’s daycamp and boarding experience! So stay tuned and please everyone stay mindful and vigilant when it comes to protecting yourself and those that you come in contact with. We will have a big party after this is all behind us.

We wish you all the very best in health and happiness.

David, Heather, and the whole Poochie’s Team

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