Recent Upgrades

Recent Upgrades

We are always working hard to improve our facility and staff inside and out! Here is how our recent upgrades will benefit your dogs and make their tails wag!

New Splash Pad was recently completed — This is an extra fun, clean, AstroTurf play yard with a gentle pool and sprinklers shooting out of the ground used for our boarding and daycare dogs, especially in our Lil’ Scout Adventure Club!

New arrival patios were recently completed — As we finish up our Court Yard structure, we have upgrades to our arrival patios and added more for staff efficiency. We have also added shade to this area for dog comfort.

Fun new Play Houses in the Pond Yard — These adorable additions are fun for running up and down the slide and for hanging out in the shade. We will be wood staining them soon too!

Retouched our boarding floors — Each dog guest’s indoor/nap time comfort is important to us. This project to renovate and retain the quality of our floors is important for building upkeep and cleanliness.

 Boarder rocks added to the pond — This not only looks great, but helps resist overflow on rainy weeks, fights erosion, and is very comfortable for your dogs to walk on!

New Standard with Patio rooms now available — This means more availability for your favorite boarding room! You can now book these rooms for boarding online!

All of these upgrades are for your dog’s enjoyment and comfort!

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