The Spooky Spa Special

The Spooky Spa Special

Turns heads completely around and even upside-down in your neighborhood when they see your dog’s new Halloween style!

Visit the ghastly decorated Pet Spa this month at Poochie’s for something a bit, hmmmm, abnormal. It’s the Spooky Spa Special! This month, our Groomers and Spa-Masters are prepared to add some style to your radical sidekicks. Howling Haircuts, Funky Nails, Wicked Hair Dyes and designs.

October 11th – October 31st

Here’s the process: 

  1. Send us a text or email of the style/hair dye you want (basic styles or designs only please!)
  2. We will write you back with a quote based on how much extra time will be needed.
  3. Once agreed, we will make the reservation.

*Our dye is safe for pets. Depending on the dog’s coat type, the dye will last for 1-3 weeks or will be removed completely after 1-3 washes.

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