Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Congrats to our awesome employee Codi for winning this month’s human of the month award! 

We are so happy to have Codi and his husky Ezra as part of the team! He is a jack of all trades and is one of our Dog Masters, Kennel Technicians, and also Park Ranger on the weekends. Codi radiates positivity and his silly personality is sure to put everyone in a good mood! Codi is hardworking, detail-oriented, and is pawesome with the pups! Congratulations Codi!

Congrats to our friend Dabo for winning this month’s DayCamp Dog of the Month award!

Dabo is one of our regular DayCamp and boarding pups who have been coming for years! His favorite activities are sunbathing in the pond yard, zooming down the nature trail with his friends, and taking trips to the field in Lil’ Scouts! Dabo has many nicknames among the staff… Dabs, Dabodoo, Dabodoodle.. he responds to them all! We love you Dabo!

Come to daycare four or more times a month and your pooch could possibly win Dog of the Month: bragging rights and a $35 gift card to Poochie’s Park!

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