Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month

Congrats to Madi and Febee for winning!

Madi, our Employee of the Month, was voted on by her peers for being such a happy-to-help worker! She is our Kennel Tech, and golly does that job require lots and lots of cleaning! We appreciate all of her hard work that makes the care of these K9s happy and healthy. Madi, thank you for being a self-sufficient, hard-working, and positive team member!

And congrats to Febee, our Daycare Dog of the Month, for being voted on by our staff this month! Febee has been coming to daycare regularly for a few months now and we are so proud of how much she has opened up! She is such a sweet girl and is an amazing listener. She started off her Poochie’s journey as a park member, and then came to daycare to learn socialization when away from her family. At first, without Mom, she was very unsure and shy. But it wasn’t long before she had a connection to our staff and now she loves to run around the yards with us!

We are happy to start the New Year with these two as our winners!

What does our Daycare Dog of the Month win? A $35 credit to Poochie’s Park!

How do you win? Bring your pooch 4 or more times in a month to daycare and your pooch could win!

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