Employee and Dog of the Month

Employee and Dog of the Month

Congrats to our friends Kasara and Millie for winning our Employee and Daycare Dog of the Month!

Kasara and Millie won similar reasons actually! They both are so fun to have a way of making the day go by quickly and with a smile.

Kasara, our Employee of the Month, is one of our hard working Kennel Tech Supervisors. She has been on our team for 5 years and knows how to lead the dogs so well! She is also one of our Scout Leaders and is a master with Training! Thank you, Kasara, and congrats of winning the title and prize!

And Millie, our Daycare Dog of the Month, is such a silly and happy girl! She is constantly making us laugh and loves to play. We have known her ever since she was just old enough to come play and we have known her family for many many years. We love that she won this month!

Come to daycare four or more times in a month and your pooch could possibly win Dog of the Month: bragging rights and the $35 gift card to Poochie’s Park!


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