Employee and Dog of the Month

Employee and Dog of the Month


We are so happy to say that this month’s Dog and Employee of the Month are Juju and Virginia!

Juju is such an adorable, sweet little pooch that is always so so happy to see her friends and we can’t help but always give her a bunch of pets! She has a funny smile and such an outgoing personality and we enjoy her being a part of our regular daycare doggie family. Congrats cutie!

Virginia, as many of you already know, is a great person to be around! As an employee that started years and years ago as a receptionist and moved her way up into General Manager, we and the dogs can ALWAYS count on her. She inspires everyone around her to be the best they can be and she is so talented with leading doggie groups. We are very thankful for her and no one works harder or cares more!

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